XrX Computer Applications (xrx.ca) NEVER sends unsolicited E-Mail.  If you have submitted a support question, or have registered one of the XrX programs you will receive a reply, but that is the only time you should get an E-Mail from xrx.ca.

If you have received such an E-Mail, chances are it's been sent from someone's machine that has a virus on it and is using the E-Mail addresses found on that machine to send fake E-Mails with a virus.  You should NEVER open an E-Mail attachment if you do not know what it is and where it is from.  And more importantly you should have an up to date Virus scanning program on your system.  

There a numerous Virus scanning programs out there, I've tried Norton Anti-Virus, McAfee AntiVirus, AVG Anti Virus (Free Edition Available), as well as some free scanners such as Anti-Vir, Avast and others.  My email server runs Clam AV, a free anti-virus toolkit for UNIX.  Freebyte has a page listing free and commercial anti-virus programs.

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