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XRX Animated Logo Utility

The XrX Animated Logo Utility (XrXLogo) allows the user to view Windows 98 (95,ME)(r) animated startup logos without rebooting their system. The program displays the animation in a window, and allows the viewing of the animation full screen.

XrXLogo also allows the user to install a logo, while viewing it, in place of the standard startup logo. (The install routine will now handle compressed drives properly, and will allow you to install Startup, Wait and Shutdown Logos (Dec 8, 2001)) (Shareware expiry date pushed out, and MAJOR updates to screen saver)

For those users who are creating their own animated logos (Instructions Available) XrXLogo eliminates the need for a 'Hex Editor' making the necessary changes to a logo to enable both looping as well as back and forth animation. It will also reverse the order of animation, as it is easy to get the order backwards when creating the original bitmap.

XrXLogo is shareware, for registration information, Click Here

XRX Logo Screen Saver 

The XrX Logo Screen Saver uses animated startup logos for a screen saver, rotates between logos, and has adjustable speed of animation and movement of the logo if the logo isn't full screen.  

Version 2.0 corrects problems with newer version of Windows, and responds to user activity better than the older version.

Version 2.1 corrects a bug found in 2.0 that occasionally produces an error box when the screen saver exits.

XrX Logo Screen Saver is shareware, part of XrXLogo to register the screen saver, register the XrX Logo Utility for registration information, Click Here

XRX Add Bar Utility 

The XrX Add Bar Utility (AddBar) adds a an animation bar in the style of the default Windows Startup Screen to any bitmap that is 320 x 400, 256 Colors. This capability will be added to XrXLogo in the future, but for now this does the trick.

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